Gilda Badillo Wedding Photographer in Cabo, Mexico.

A wedding is an unrepeatable moment in one’s life, so that is why it is important to work with experienced professionals.

Gilda Badillo is widely recognized as one of Mexico’s best photographers, she is based in Cabo, in the Mayan Riviera and in Vallarta, which are the most sought-after wedding destinations requested of Gilda. Her STYLE can be described as a COMBINATION OF COLOR AND DEFINITION. She is always renovating with her creativity and her sharp eye to see and find beauty through her camera lens. Gilda Badillo and her team constantly bring themselves up to date both in the United States and in Mexico in order to get acquainted with all the innovations they will put into use in the new cycle.

The NATURAL and DRAMATIC photography achieved by Gilda produces an excellent combination.

Ana Badillo has been on Gilda’s team since she was a child, she has always been interested in photography and is always searching for innovations by exploring and delving into new techniques, she loves details and has inherited Gilda’s great creative eye.

On the other hand, a good photograph cannot be achieved without good LIGHTING, be it environmental, ambient or indirect light, or light from a flash, for this talented and prepared people are needed. Gaby and Carlos are the best assistants in lighting techniques, with years of experience in weddings; they are very creative in the handling of light and shadows and are always ready to solve any lighting problem.

THE PROCESSING OF THE PHOTOGRAPHS is another important task, this is where Ricardo and Frank, who are very creative and expert graphic designers take over, innovating with processes and programs, creating an important functional and esthetic complement in each and every photograph. Lightroom, photoshop, DPP and Camera raw are some of the programs they use in order to maintain a better control of the images.

We use Canon photographic equipment. It is necessary to take three identical cameras to a wedding, for in case of an unforeseen event with one of them we can continue taking photos by changing lenses, without jeopardizing the result of our images at all.

It is good to delve into new innovations (like the mirrorless cameras), but up to now we have only experimented with a Sony a6000.